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Solutions for Real-Time Patient Monitoring and Analysis

Problem: Today, physicians and care providers are limited by the amount of available patient data and intelligence. Data on a patient’s condition is analyzed and available in silos or only at specific points in time (i.e. office visit). Although the healthcare system has made great strides in coordinating administrative systems and with electronic medical records it has missed integration of systems at the bedside in order to have a full and timely picture of a patient’s condition.  

Solution: Use Alvy’s proprietary software to link systems & devices across a real-time data analysis platform. Delivering robust point-of-care (at home, at the bedside, or in the operating room) healthcare intelligence that incorporates all the available patient data. Giving physicians and care providers the ability to analyze and react faster and more intelligently.

Market Status

Market Needs Real-time patient intelligence

Reliable and informative real-time patient analysis and monitoring to decrease treatment time, increase patient compliance, lower hospital readmissions and improve outcomes.

Limits of current solutions

Current solutions are ineffective at providing real-time patient intelligence in order to make proactive, timely treatment decisions. Resulting in longer treatments, lower patient compliance, higher hospital readmissions, weaker outcomes and higher costs for payers, hospital systems, and the patient.   

Market Gap

Industry focused on administrative systems, consumer devices, and patient engagement; prospects limited for effective point-of-care systems integration

Market opportunity

Provide new solutions and value to the $66 Billion market for remote monitoring and healthcare device integration.

The Alvy Advantage

Our Solution

Use our proprietary technology to link systems & devices across a cloud-to-edge data analysis platform. Delivering robust healthcare intelligence with tailored visualization

Our first application is in remote and in-hospital management of diabetes and neurology conditions. We will provide physicians with constant access to the patient’s condition, timely insight on potential issues,  the patient’s compliance and impact of treatments, along with ability to more effectively alter care, all of which are currently unavailable. We will expand into the additional chronic condition monitoring before addressing the real-time monitoring needs in acute and surgical care settings.

Our Technology

Alvy unique proprietary technology merges big data, IoT, and responsive decision making into a single flexible and adaptable platform. The platform is trailblazing because it simultaneously has the ability to process at the edge, integrate and fuse systems, and rapidly analyze data.

Critical enabler of real-time healthcare intelligence. Alvy has computing power at a scale with built-in security (HIPPA) to address real-time analysis and monitoring needs. Competitors lack critical mass, operate in manually integrated silos and do not have the agility to handle the needs for application programming interfaces (API) and operability. 

Our Competitive Edge

Alvy has computing power at a scale with built-in security (HIPPA) to address real-time analysis and monitoring. Alvy is a critical enabler of real-time data science

Uniquely spans from the cloud-to-edge,  enabling the real-time data science required to determine and assess events at the bedside, at home or in the operating room

Competitors lack critical mass, operate in manually integrated silos and do not have the agility to handle the needs for application programming interfaces (API) and operability

Integrate existing and new systems at a low cost with no stop-in functionality, manufacturer independent

Ease of implementing security protocols, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Transform patient monitoring & real-time physician decision making to improve chronic condition care and care in acute and surgical settings

Real-Time Analysis Platform

Maximize Effectiveness of Real-Time Care

Enabling data fusion and enhanced analysis between legacy systems, medical/IoT devices, cloud data, and artificial intelligence at home, the bedside, or in the operating room. 


Integrate systems and devices across manufactures, linking knowledge and data with electronic patient records

Enables data fusion at home, at the bedside, or in the operating room

Allows for tailored integration and analysis, specific to each patient

Spans from the cloud to the edge with agility, efficiency and at a low cost

Cloud-to-Edge Computing Value

Edge Computing

Alvy Health is intent on bringing edge computing to the healthcare market to improve care. Edge computing or analytics and knowledge generation at the source of the data. In healthcare systems edge computing is vital due to the rising volume of data and need for timely collection, processing, and analysis of that data. Cloud computing, the “data warehouse” model, cannot keep up with the current data volume, velocity or veracity (variety of data) being generated. A new solution is necessary particularly with the expected rise in IoT devices (Internet of Things, the network of physical objects with IP address for internet connectivity to other Internet-enabled devices and systems).

"The End of Cloud Computing" by Peter Levin a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. In the video he discusses his view on the future of computing.

Core Advantage of Edge Computing: 

99.5% of all generated data is not being saved. The data is collected by sensors or equipment, summarized to the cloud or database with the raw data being discarded.  Edge computing allows users to analyze all the data being generated resulting in greater insight and intelligence.

About Us

The Team

Edward Sawyer (CEO) is an experienced and innovative operations executive with over 20 years of delivering results with 15 years in healthcare. His experience includes progressive operational and finance roles with Nodality, Celera, Novartis and Genzyme. He has strong experience and skills at B2B sales, new technology commercialization, running startup operations, financial oversight and strategic implementation. Track record of delivering solutions to complex problems that have increased top and bottom-line results.

Chris Howard (CTO) is the co-inventor of the technology. He is responsible for the overall design of the platform and has over 12 years of experience designing and developing systems involving MULTI-INT fusion, Cyber Security, and Net Centric Warfare. In 2012, he became the Big Data lead for the Lockheed Martin Shark Tank, a Skunk Works like team for IT technology. Prior to Lockheed Martin, he designed miniaturized flight computer hardware for NASA.

Tim Gruhl (CIO) is the other co-inventor of the technology and is responsible for the overall architecture of the platform and is the creator of the Agile Data Omniscience concept. He previously was a systems engineer and principal avionics hardware systems architect at the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works where he designed the conceptual avionics computational hardware architecture. Mr. Gruhl also contributes as a member to the MIT Think Tank (MIT3).

Ed Propst (CBO) brings his wealth of experience at AON (Director of Business Development) and Integro (Principal and Producer) to build an astonishing national and international sales network ready to be exploited once specific maturity milestones are achieved, including direct and one-degree connections to the CEOs of Allstate, MasterCard, Chubb, Qualcomm, Coca-Cola, and many other organizations.


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